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Placing orders

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1. How do I purchase an item?

  • Find the items that you need and ensure that the size, color, model, and other parameters of the item match your needs. You can find the detailed descriptions of the items on the Item Description page;

  • Click on Buy Now to enter the payment page. You can also add the item to your Shopping Cart and continue searching for other items.


2. How do I configure my address?

  • You can enter multiple shipping addresses from My Shipping Addresses and select the one you use most often as your default address.

  • First, please place an order on the item you\\\\\\\'d like to purchase in order to proceed to the payment page. 

  • From the payment page, you can configure your shipping address at the top and add your commonly used addresses.


3. Why can’t I place an order?

  • The item may have been taken down or there is no sufficient stock.

  • Your account has purchased the same product repeatedly within 24 hours and the system detects that your account security may be at risk.

  • Your shipping address includes non-English characters.


4. How do I check the order status?

  • Login to your  account and click on My Orders from the upper right of the homepage.

  • You can search the order number from the search bar.


5. How do I check the details of my order?

  • Login to your account and click on My Orders from the upper right of the homepage;

  • Locate the order you wish to check and click Order Details.


6. What if I still need to contact the seller after placing an order?

  • Login to your account and click on My Orders from the upper right of the homepage.

  • Locate the relevant order and click on Contact Seller in the upper right to send the seller a message.


7. What if I selected the wrong size or model of an item but have already placed the order?

   Please check the order status:

  • If the order status is Awaiting Shipping, you can directly cancel the order and place a new order;

  • If the order status is Awaiting Delivery, then your order can no longer be canceled. However, you can try contacting the seller for a possible solution.


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